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GKA GRACIA CITRA RAYA a short introduction by Rev. Yarman Halawa, D.Min August 27, 2009

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Gereja Kristen Abdiel (GKA) GRACIA Citra Raya is a Reformed Evangelical Church and tightly hold Credo Apostolicum, Athanasian Creed, The Westminster Confession of Faith (Large and Shorter), Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort, Belgic Confession, Chicago Statement on Innerancy and Infalibility of the Bible. All of this statement of faith were overwhelming the life of the church.

The Vision of the church is to be a MISIONER CHURCH which explained in the Mision of the church through proclamation of the Holy Word of God, to be God’s beloved throuh the personal experience of regeneration to God in Christ, through the divine power and grace win souls to Christ, uniting the family of God in His church, and to be the salt dan the light to the world.

Begin through church planting on 481st Reformation Anniversary Day(October 31, 1998) and was established as an independent church in July 12, 2004. The church is a part of GRACIA Surabaya churches and member of Sinode Gereja Kristen Abdiel (The Synod of Abdiel Christian Church) which also the 81st member of Persekutuan Gereja-Gereja Indonesia (PGI).

Governed in the Reformed tradition, Gereja Kristen Abdiel (GKA) GRACIA Citra Raya has two office of ministerial administration work: the Elder and the Deacon. The office of the Elder consists of ordained ministers such as Reverend/Pastor, Evangelist, or theological seminary graduate which responsible upon the church teaching, pastoral and biblical church growth. Meanwhile, the office of Deacon consists of layment ministers which chosen from among qualified members. The Deacon assists and ruling the daily church administration to enhance under altar ministries and accelerate the church growth.

The church ministries organized into departments (Children, Teen, Youth, Women, Music, Education, Literature, Audio Visual Technic, General Worship, Cell Group/Sectors, Church Household, Ministry Enhancement).

Although the church background is chinese church and the members majority come from it, the church is open and welcome people neglected their races, ethnics, nations, and languages. Indonesian language is the major church daily language with Chinese and English using occasionaly.

If you seek the church that teach the Bible tightly, guide you to find your true direction of life, learn how to serve Him with responsibility and quality with humble, form your pattern of thinking to the pattern of Christ’s thinking, manage and organized your life and ministry to Him as the Bible taught, prepare yourself to serve Him through your profession, teach you how to be a missionary to God in your contemporary daily life and so on, Gereja Kristen Abdiel (GKA) GRACIA Citra Raya is an exact and right place to you.


Gereja Kristen Abdiel (GKA) GRACIA Citra Raya (GRACIA Abdiel Christian Church of  Citra Raya)
Jln. Taman Puspa Raya D1/1 Citra Raya
SURABAYA – Jawa Timur


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